Acid Rant

Written during the latter part of my first acid trip. Mostly in one sitting, but with variable lengths of time between each line.



Consciousness (on acid) is like playing a twitch pokemon game

Regular consciousness is much easier

The twitch Pokemon game! On acid you are a new player at the controls

The same game is going on around you, but it’s as if you are coming to it fresh.

Imagine a consciousness where you are born to see the world already in motion around, including your own role in it.

You figure out what part you’re supposed to fulfill and do it

And then… death? Not really.

It’s just the end of this consciousness and the start of another running on the same hardware.

Except the interrelation between mind and brain and body is a lot more interesting with a real body than the ‘hardware’ ‘software’ nomenclature implies.

It’s difficult to get things done when your consciousness only lasts a few moments – it’s about the relationship between how long you’re conscious for and what actions you can take.

So no action I take, except something really stupid, on any given day, is going to change things that much. But obviously each action builds on other actions to make a whole life.

And I guess the aggregate consciousnesses of such a being could have a collective interest, and work together in a sense, or at least have an idea of paying it forward to the next person.

It’s like a twitch pokemon game where you just walk up to the controls. And you don’t know how it works or where you are in the game. But you know you only have it for a minute, and it’s very important what you do in that minute.

So then you go from instances of being conscious in a single mind/body situation, to a civilization.

You’re born into the universe. You don’t know how it works or where….

This is also what acid seems to be about

You forget… your attention span wanders. Sometimes you act normal? You do the sorts of things you would do during a normal day at the beach?

I lost my train of thought. Haha
We’re watching Samurai Jack.

It seems like it’s helpful to have

TV is the illusion of company.

I’m sitting with my friends, in silence, while the TV goes. If we were all reading or doing some other quiet activity I would be more prone to start a conversation, or suggest a group activity.

So I guess the difference is that TV presents the illusion that you are all doing something together.

Is your TV viewing more like reading a book or more like hanging out with the people you’re watching TV with?
Remind me to be more sympathetic to (a friend of mine) when she makes too many connections between things, and can’t stop making references.

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