After a Trip to the Zoo

Continued from Trip to the Zoo.

It’s always rich people who discover they don’t need possessions on drug trips

-5:52 PM

Was thinking about that billionaire recently who said we all needed to learn to make do with less. Rich people take acid and realize that what’s really important is the people in their lives, not money. Which is nice, and psychologically health, but is only the case because they never have to worry about money.

My troubles seem so mundane,

my pleasures so profound

-6:09 PM

Just One Dance

Caro Emerald

So sexy great strong song

I like the contrast between this and the previous entry. Caro Emerald is great though. I heard one of her songs on Agent Carter (which is also great) and listened to a bunch more while tripping.

What to wear while tripping very important!

I changed after getting back from the zoo. Obviously comfort’s important, but if you’re going to see yourself in mirrors while on acid you need to look good!

I can write normally I just choose not to because it’s slower

My writing was going back and forth between pretty normal, and crazy erratic writing, sometimes mid sentence or mid-word.

It’s crazy how wound up in social context actions are. Like I’m always thinking “what kind of person does thing X?” and then I’m always comparing myself to other people doing the same thing. Like sitting in a dark room listening


Weed makes the visuals so much stronger.

I guess your acid self can get stoned, but being him is already so weird you barely notice.


Idk if I have a bad imagination or what, closed eye hallucinations were very disappointing. I saw stuff that sure looked like the secrets of the universe but I’m pretty sure were just the equivalent of looking at iridescent oils on puddles. I was staring at my wall having these crazy visions. Aliens and people and animals. It was great! I just emerged out of tripping out long enough

-6:53 PM

Just put on my clothes after doing a bunch of other stuff, took an additional puff from my weed bag and thought “Well, I’m officially distracted from masturbating”

Prepare to hear more about me masturbating. Thought about removing those parts, but figured what the hell, we’re all adults here (hopefully)

What a coincidence that incense is so calming and also hides the weed smell!

-6:58 PM

Getting nostalgic for the era of having all my stuff out on the bed

-7:02 PM

I had all my crap laid out in a circle around me on my bed. Then I put a few things away. It was a tragic parting of our company. Oh solo tripping…

I’m part of a whole coalition of mind states who have agreed to delay gratification on the food front.

7:04 PM

Waiting for my vaporizer to heat up was taking forever

Trying to have sex with the universe, had to decide what woman to represent it, was back at relationship feels.

Also prepare to hear a little bit about my relationship with my girlfriend, something I also considered removing.

It’s cool I imagine shapes in the world doing stuff, and it seems like they leave behind the real world. Creep! But duh, materialism.

One of the coolest things I did was to make ‘spirits’. I would stare at my wall and trip out, and start to see shapes moving in the paint. Then I’d look toward the corner, where there were a lot of bumps nd marks and imperfections on the wall. Those weree combined into the paint images, and became the main aspect. It seemed like they were left behind by the hallucinations somehow, so very interesting when a hallucination explodes and then I see a real stain on the wall. Muddled causality.

Anyway, from the corner the hallucinations could migrate into the rest of the room. There was a presence that moved around, jumping around the ceilings and the edges of the wall. Very cool. I can definitely see how someone could think it was a spirit or something, especially if they got the effect in some way other than staring at the wall.

Distraction: the ancient enemy of the quest to masturbate

-7:13 PM

I saw the stuff that TV says acid will make you see, but only by realizing that you can always see it if you just squint hard

-7:16 PM

You can see equally cool things in real life as you can see on acid, the important difference is how you feel about what you see.

I’m not spending more time in the trip state because I get a crick in my neck. Ironically journaling has become a focus for more hallucinations

It was cool, like I could see through onto the pages behind the front one, and there were crazy drawing moving around back there while I was writing.






Written across the whole page in a way I thought was cool.

Drew weird scribbly creature and a weird scribbly pine tree, and wrote out them having this conversation:

Tree: tree

Tree: Dragon?

Creature: no

Creature: maybe

Creature: I guess

Creature: bad?

Tree: NO!

Tree: … I mean

Creature: what

Tree: no, it’s cool


Tree: I’m in, I dig it

Me: Yay! Acceptance!


I had a period of graphomania. Then I took a break…

I was writing so much in the journal and lying in a weird position that my arm hurt. I was sort of in a frenzy. Then I went downstairs, had a crazy experience that I discuss more later, came back upstairs, wrote the above, and then wrote this.

Everything gets a sort of looming potentiation like it’s poised

-7:52 PM

Crap, I think I just purposefully forgot an annoying revelation

-7:59 PM

Hopefully it wasn’t too important!

If all goes well with (my girlfriend’s name) I have the rest of our lives to figure out the acid thing

8:28 PM

Awww. My girlfriend doesn’t approve of my taking acid, in part because I idiotically had a trip with friends scheduled the same day she got back from a (regular) trip and didn’t hang out with her. I really want to take it with her, am trying to figure the situation out.

Listened to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band as intended

I’m really just stoned and tired at this point

-9:33 PM

I really like texting (gf’s name) when I’m on acid, I’m very clever! The only worry is hiding that I’m tripping, which is a bummer, but easy via text. I’m the 21st century acid head -texting his girlfriend the whole time.

Slightly dangerous move, but not responding would be worse. And we had a great talk throughout the day!

Generalizing complex relationship motives to aliens is fun. Try imagining a relationship with someone in your life, with it’s twists and turns, and imagine it’s an epic adventure!

-9:53 PM

Was about to write down an example, but got bored / distracted.

TV Show Idea: Coincidence or no?

You ask!

I tell!

-10:08 PM

Like you’d write in about something crazy that happened to you, and I’d explain whether there was some cool explanation for it, or if it was just a coincidence.

could be fun to blog my acid rantings. I could just sit down and do a stream of consciousness. The question is would anyone care. Idk what degree of polishing would be needed.

-11:14 PM

And then I realized I could post them on reddit! And now I have indeed posted them here! Very exciting.

I can’t wait to say to a religious person “I mean I’ve taken acid, I’ve had the religious experience”

Aww, tripping self, don’t be a dick.

I really did have chorus of angels type stuff when I had the big idea about writing and that story.

Basically something occurred to me that solved multiple problems simultaneously: I realized I was going crazy with the journal, and realized that the realization of something similar could be the framing device for my sci-fi universe about brains and minds

The last time I tripped I got onto this whole thing about aliens who minds within one big brain, with each one being the attention that the larger organism pays to a particular thing. Now I realized that a great story to do in that world would be a revolution in that society, which would be the equivalent to changing its mind on something significant. Both times I went into very (very) long discursions into how exactly all this would function, preserved elsewhere.

The idea’s not really important, I just had an unbelievable moment of understanding and revelation – the kind of thing that if it happened to most religious people would be the most sacred thing they ever felt.

-11:42 PM


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