First Solo Trip

As always, italics represent later comments.



I didn’t realize that when the sky was clearing up that meant you can just look up and watch the clouds evaporate.

Before on acid I was distracted from how cool it was by how much I wanted to talk about it.

I keep having to remember that I’m still hallucinating when I take off my pink sunglasses.

These pink lenses are great!

I got these sweet John Lennon style pink glasses for like a dollar years ago. They’re cheap and sort of trashed now, but they make me understand the expression “rose colored glasses” they make everything look so nice!

Story idea: Characters are minds in a bigger brain, one of them is trying to make things happen in the real world because he’s in love with the thought pattern that considers that thing

This was a spark that eventually inspired an inferno of deranged speculation about these aliens.

I worry about people whose take away from acid is that all things are connected, because yes, acid literally makes you feel that way, but that doesn’t really give any more evidence about how things really are

Not sure if I 100% stand by this.

I wonder if I’m less inclined to go gaga about acid stuff since I’m always resisting crossing my eyes? Probably unrelated.

I’m a little cross eyed, need to resist it when I’m tired or intoxicated.

I was trying to masturbate when “cosmic acid god” quotes from within the experience came and told me to think how great I have it and that there aren’t any problems in my life that can’t be fixed quick as thinking about it

I like that I felt the need to emphasize that the quotes were from while I was writing, make sure no one thinks I’m being literal!

But then I was like, dude, I’m trying to masturbate. And then I wrote this now

Oh my god how much of high mysticism comes from guys trying to masturbate.

I just keep having really beautiful moments but can’t get off.



I did it and it was very satisfying, but nothing special compared to how difficult it was.

It was just a matter of not being distracted. Isn’t it crazy how there’s a whole genre of music about Butts?

I mean it’s great!

The Anaconda music video is terrifying.

I’d heard people complain about mirrors on acid, but I had a ncie time! Really got to appreciate my body! (no homo) – haha

I saw a drop of water on my skin while washing a blackberry bowl and thought about stuff and then watched it roll down my arm and fall. I was more caught up in the drama than I anticipated


There’s a picture of a girl riding a horse chasing tiny flying horses in my living room.


I’m noticing changes in the wind, how the trees, wind chimes, house creaks, all respond to a big gust.

Haha, exact same thing is happening as I edit this.

I think I need to look at how often I’m alone on acid in the context of how often I’m alone normally, – haha sadface not like that!

No! No! I just mean that normally I have a lot of time to think and reflect while I’ve always been in groups when tripping.


That’s the way to do it, start out with a group, explore alone further if you’re into it.

With people you sit around talking. Now it’s more a series of mini-trips.

Was thinking “nice touch, but a little overdone” when looking at my own breath + clouds

I’m shocked to find the weather improving in the backyard, usually I’m there in the afternoon and it just gets worse.

I wonder about my

We’ll never know

between doing my first solo trip and that chaos magic stuff from the other day, I’m having a lot of interesting thoughts about the mind, and am making a lot of comparisons between people and thought processes.

I had great fun tripping, and I think the writing bit was a great success. I’m in the hour 9 or 10, so still ‘on acid’ clearly but not really tripping. Might be able to recover visuals with weed, but don’t feel a strong need to.

I’ve been reading about CIA acid experiments, really crazy stuff.

Acid Dreams, great book, and available free online!

I accused somebody of being a bot on puff puff chat, but then realized we’d synched up to the same part of a youtube video and discussed lyrics, so probably not. He thought it was a joke.

Puff Puff Chat is great. Like chat roulette for stoners. I was tripping hard and had a nice chat with some dude in British Columbia.

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