Post-Trip Reflections

Reflections (for some reason I really liked that word at the time) at the tail end of my first solo trip.

Italics represent later annotations.

I was a lot more aware of the trip and its effects on me this time around, because I wasn’t interacting with other people

I noticed much more how the psychedelic effects were intense for a few hours, and then a long, long comedown period
while before I really barely focused on the visuals and there was not nearly as much of a divide between legit tripping and coming down

Really what I did worked great. I think I will wait to do it again until it’s warm though. The cold weather really makes it worse. Maybe my next trip will be when it gets beautiful out this spring

Or as it turned out, on a surprisingly beautiful day in early February…

I’m thinking I might almost want to be moving around during the come-up, which can be sort of uncomfortable. Like go for a short walk or something. Not great in DC, but would definitely be cool at the beach or something
then during the peak you really want to be focused on sitting and gazing awestruck at the universe, maybe trying to record some thoughts or create something neat
and then the come down period is when it would be nice to be around other people, so you could discuss, reflect, chill out
This is also a good time to write and create

Haha, I didn’t remember that I wrote this, but that is indeed what I did on the next trip. Walked to the zoo in the come-up, hung out there for the peak and wrote a little, and then went back home and wrote a lot more.

Think about those religions that use psychedelics as a ritual, like Peyote and what not.

They are all hunter-gatherer types right?

I figure that’s because before you can develop those rituals, you have to exist side by side with the psychedelic plant long enough to figure out what it does, through I guess a process of just tasting everything
and then creating rituals based around that psychedelic, and then giving those rituals time to grow old and become a deep part of culture
farmers wouldn’t interact with the same variety of plants, and also don’t stay in the same place as much on a generational scale
so maybe there just wasn’t time
it was all hunter-gatherers for tens of thousands of years before civilization
steadily tasting every plant on earth, and finding the ones that did crazy shit

Still it wouldn’t be implausible for some mass religion to embrace psychedelic use
Let’s say somebody gets a hold of magic mushrooms, develops some mythology based on the experience, and then starts using the mushrooms to ‘prove’ it
trips could be a ritualized part of life like any other
Presumably in the context of authority figures and peers
really it could be a bit of a creepy conditioning type thing, molding minds
but on the whole as long as they weren’t batshit I think people would be better off for it, even if there were some attempts at manipulation
though you never know, religion can be very insidious
deliberately induced bad trips perhaps? for the misbehaving, or just to generally break people down

If I were to set a story in such a world I wouldn’t want to make it too dystopic, because I don’t really want to be down on acid
Really I’d be happy if some religion like that existed
It couldn’t have held together forever, acid helps people think for themselves, modernity would hit like a ton of bricks
it would probably have made for a nicer middle ages, more compassionate
and then modernity would shatter a lot of church psychedelic claims
people would start tripping independently, figuring shit out

though now that I think about it, if they were brainwashed — no no, they’re not brainwashed
I’m saying that the religion would be a positive force in society, despite any bad intentions they may or may not have, because they’d spread psychedelics
Because even if they way they use them is worthless, it makes them a lot more accessible to others
And I doubt that that religion’s trips would be worthless
they’d have an interest in promoting the well being of their congregants after all, they would try to promote spiritual health
no need to go for some crazy breaking down and attacking of people
people would just be used to the idea that occasional psychedelic use was wise
the first time would be an adulthood ritual
maybe there would be ceremonies occasionally where people would take it?
and then the perversion is to take it alone, in a different setting

but I guess ultimately the problem would be: so what, you did it in a different setting, it’s… uplifting, helps you learn about yourself, great… is that not enough?
I’m not saying it’s some crazy end of the world thing
just a little culture clash between freethinking psychedelic users and stern religious psychedelic users
I guess the issue is that I’m inclined to think of psychedelics as trivial because they failed to become prevalent in our society
Do I think that that’s actually a possibility?
I can’t imagine any time soon
would be great if they legalized LSD

Might be something that needs to wait until after the revolution
after the end of this economic system
post-scarcity world would be helpful
really I guess what’s necessary is to have fewer consequences for it, and less worry about ‘getting in trouble’
so legalize obviously, and less employment competition, more willingness to take extended breaks to to experiment with drugs lol
so yeah, basic income, big help

Word, embrace the basic income so people will have time to experiment with psychedelics. Not necessarily a vote winner…

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