Revelation Revolution

At one point during this trip I had a cool experience and then typed the below:

I figured out the story to tell in the minds universe! And it connected with what happened to me in real life! I had a revelation!

I had an internal revolution! I had been getting obsessed with writing in this journal and was doing it so much my arm was hurting, I was getting uncomfortable, etc. I’d constantly been thinking “Oh I should go put that in my journal as soon as I saw anything” Now I’m sort of still doing that, but on the computer! It’s much more efficient!

I went and ate a bowl of baby carrots. I didn’t bring the journal with me, decided to take a break. Wanted to write things down in the journal. Realized I’d been getting obsessive. Thought about it, and then had a conversion experience going over to the not constantly write in the journal way of thinking. It was mindblowing. What was especially exciting, was that I can use this in the story! The point can be that there’s a mental revolution, which is the equivalent of realizing something new, or making a big decision or changing religions or something like that, but something good! And my realizing how my two problems hung together like that was so phenomenal. Hahaha I like that word.

Anyway the revolution was first to not worry so much about the journal, I became part of the “Post-journal” society, y’know, screw record keeping, live in the now! And then I had my whole realization about how things are connected – fuck it was just a mystical experience of oneness, okay? And what was left when the acid wave crashed and washed away was a story idea. About a revolution in a mind.

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