Ideas for Future Trips

I’m thinking about my plans for upcoming trips. I have determined that doing my standard 250 mic trip at home is boring. It might be different once it warms up outside, but at this point I just drive myself crazy sitting around inside at home. So I want to build up a little roster of potential trips I can bust out whenever the moment’s right:

Beach trip: Done this before, it’s great with friends. It was my first trip actually. Last time I didn’t spend as much time on the beach as I’d have liked. I hadn’t yet realized that I wasn’t into watching TV while tripping, so I wasted a lot of time on that, and was also just really cautious about everything because acid in general was a new experience. If I did it again I’d be more likely to hang around on the beach for much of the day, basically doing the usual beach thing of rotating between playing in the water, playing in the sand, talking, sunbathing, playing frisbee, etc. just with the added bonus of also tripping at the same time.

Night beach trip: Alternatively, something more novel to try would be doing a night trip at the beach. We could in the late evening or something, stay up all night on the beach looking at the stars and whatnot, and then watch the sun come up over the water, and then just relax and do a little beach stuff to recuperate the next day.

Botanical Garden: It’s like a big greenhouse in DC. Could be a cool destination for a winter trip, since it’s somewhere nice and warm and alive.

National Arboretum: I’ve realized that I live quite close to the National Arboretum. Once it’s a little nicer out I could head over there and have a nice trip among the trees.

Biking: I’ve heard biking while tripping is great. It certainly seems like it would be. Biking in the city is scary enough when I’m not tripping, so I’m not sure if I’d want to be intensely using it as a mode of transportation – plus I guess there’s some chance I’d forget it somewhere, or on the flip side become over-obsessed with not forgetting it. On the other hand it would extend the range of places that I could wander while I was tripping. I should at the very least bike around a bit on the safer streets in my neighborhood next time I have nice-weather trip. Maybe I could work my way up to biking to the Arboretum, and still farther afield.

Big trip: I’ve never gone over 250 mics on a trip. I hear that there are whole new vistas of crazy trippy experiences, ego death and such, at higher doses. I’ll probably want to experiment with that eventually. Someone gave me the interesting idea of working my way up gradually: taking 50 mics more each time. Seems like a good way to not get over my head, but on the other hand a lot of my trip ideas are for going out in the world, so it wouldn’t be ideal to be at a slightly higher dose each time, never sure exactly how I would react to either the set or the setting. But of course it could get a little boring doing a series of steadily higher doses all in very controlled environments. Though I have heard that higher doses are more conducive to just lying around in bed an tripping balls rather than going out and adventuring.

Shroom trip: I recently got a hold of some shrooms through a… barter arrangement after I shared my acid with someone. So at some point before they go bad I need to look into that and try out that trip. I actually did shrooms once before, years before I tried acid, but was pretty inexperienced with drugs in general at the time and don’t remember the experience very clearly, so that’s not much help.

One-dose trip: I’ve also never done a ‘single dose’ trip. I’ve done a little microdosing, and I’ve done some 200-250 mic trips, but nothing in between. I’ve heard some people say it’s not worthwhile, while I’ve heard others rave about somewhat lower dose levels. Certainly worth looking into – though I do worry that it could end up being a little disappointing as a sort of “half-triip”. I’d definitely want to have something to do with this level, not just the trip itself.

Mall Trip: It could be call to go hang around the DC Mall and trip. I briefly made it over that way when I tripped at the National Gallery of Art, but it was cold out and so I didn’t spend much time chilling outside. Could be fun to watch the sunset, lie around on the grass, check out the monuments, etc.

4th of July Trip: Don’t know exactly what my plans will be on 4th of July, but if they don’t involve people who would be annoyed at me for tripping, watching the fireworks on LSD seems like it would be pretty baller, wherever I happen to be. Maybe this would synergize well with the ~100 mic dose if I was going out on the DC Mall or somewhere truly crazy like that.

Warm weather trips: Really once the weather warms up I’m might not need as much of a trip plan after all. I could spend more time outside at my house, and could easily just go outside and walk around. Strolling around and exploring the city is great.

What else? Any suggestions for good trip dayplans / activities? Things that would be fun, or that I should watch out for, about the ones I described?

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