Celebrating Spring

My last few trips I’ve been suffering from the weather being cold. March 12th was the first beautiful spring day that I had totally free, and so it became a celebratory acid trip.

I've thought a lot about these owls

I thought these fence posts looked like owls talking to each other.

The seasons are so complex. I’m feeling the warm spring sun through the cold winter air. It’s subtly different from feeling the cold winter sun through the warm autumn air, even if the temperatures are technically the same.

10:37 AM

One thing this journal is doing is keeping track of how much acid I’ve been taking: a lot. But I’m pretty convinced by the research that there aren’t any physical of psychological side effects, so what the hell.

10:41 AM

Imagine if we had automatic laser bug zappers we could put them everywhere! There would just never be any gross bugs around, it would be utopia! That capability is right around the corner!

You could leave your windows open all the time in the nice parts of the year!

-Sometime after 11 (I’m boycotting clocks for a bit)

I’ve unconsciously ended up in what I’d describe as a monk-like position, sitting on my crossed feet, out of an attempt to get off the wet ground.

-later still

Hahaha I have come up more since the last time I saw this bench – it’s pretty great!

-late 11’s

... and be free

This was an interesting thing to stumble upon while tripping.

Release your burdens and be free.

Release your burdens and be free.

In “the Godfather” you initially hear the line “made him an offer he couldn’t refuse” said and explained in a story about how Vito got his singer godson out of a contract, with the story being told to another character to demonstrate what kind of guy Vito is. And then after discussion, he says it about someone else, and it’s sort of an “oh shit” moment that neither gets nor needs any follow up, but demonstrates the way they talk about going and threatening people.

-Soon after noon

The difference between treating the floor of your house like it’s the floor outside, or treating it like it’s part of your bed. Not taking off shoes when you go inside, sitting down directly on the floor at times, it something that seems sort of alien to a westerner, used to furniture. But remember your house is your furniture, it should all just be built of a piece to not need such things.

-Phone broken o’clock

The sun is high in the sky

It skewers us under it’s pitiless gaze.

My phone spasms,

Turning off and on again


The life going out of it

This started as a timestamp, it became so much more

How will I present this most effectively to my internet readers?

Hi guys!

Time frozen at phone broken o’clock

Just had a chat with Hillary – done

This thought seemed unfinished but I didn’t have anything more to say.

I can list all the 7 vices because I read those Garth Nix books

Keys to the Kingdom. Spoiler Alert: it’s about this kid who finds out he’s the messiah, overthrows the current regime in the supernatural world that controls everything, and ultimately becomes god.

7 deadly sins what I mean.

Sitcom idea: family that embodies the 7 sins:

Pride – father, bumbling dad

Envy – mother, with her eye on the father’s more successful brother

Lust – oldest daughter, nympho sex positive but actually surprisingly responsible and chill

Wrath – oldest son, will cut someone up, involved in gang or something

Gluttony – third child, daughter, fat and introverted, nerdy

Greed – fourth child, son, most successful in the family, slimeball like his uncle

Sloth – youngest child, daughter, smart but lazy, viewpoint character

It would have to be a dark sitcom. It could be called “Sinful” maybe.

I’m sorry you had to get mixed up in this, I said to my remaining nice green weed about to be mixed up with the already been vaped.

Okay I may have overexplained that one

I’m experimenting with new places to sit. I’ve never lived in this apartment in the Spring or Summer, and really only briefly in the Fall. I’m so glad to be back on the balcony. My latest innovation is that you can just take a cushion out.

What’s today’s date?

The… 12th? Yes


I’m experiencing gastric distress that won’t go away unless I write it down because it feels like I’m lying to the journal.

-mid to late afternoon

-the sun is lowering in the sky

some random long Rare Earth song plays (auto-repeated after the classic “I Just Want to Celebrate”)

5:25 PM

Let’s see – I started at 9:45 AM, now it’s 5:45 PM

So I’m 8 hour in. It is definitely nice to have the sun still shining at this stage of the trip.

What’s going on with the Republican Party these days is what you’d expect where there’s a fixed set of policies you need to support for the money to like you and so politicians…

I forget

6:52 PM

I made these videos on my computer. Let’s check them out.

I like them! They inspired me to make more in the back!

I talked into the camera a lot. Not sure if I should put my image out on this blog. Maybe I’ll do a podcast.

7:32 PM

Hello Spring! I missed you so much!

Hello Spring! I missed you so much!

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