I’m in love with this reaction to the 2015 British election


It’s so great.

Key passage:

We’ve all learned a very important lesson about disappointment

Nobody in life gets everything they want, and realising this is what stops us from becoming entitled. This is why we have pets as children, so that we can learn what it feels like when something we love dies. There’s a lot we can all take from this. Especially first-time voters. Get used to this feeling of heartbreak, kids. This is literally all there is, and none of it is good, and then we die.

Also, we’ll all be dead soon!

We live on a coldly rotating speck in an ocean of total nothingness, and nothing we do can ever truly matter. All is blackness and abstract cruelty. There is no point to us, and soon we will be gone. The universe will spin on, oblivious.

Some pretty intense shit in the politics section. My condolences Britain!

One response to “I’m in love with this reaction to the 2015 British election

  • Scotland Tripper

    Thankfully in Scotland we elected a left-wing, anti-nuclear weapons and compassionate group of MPs to help fight for them. Scotland only voted for 1 conservative (out of 59) and they are still allowed to govern us. This is why we want independence! Now we are going to have to put up with this bullshot government who are trying to repeal the human rights act, cut welfare even more, give tax cuts to the rich, spend 100billion on nuclear weapons and bring back fox hunting. Even we voted for a party which promises the exact opposite! SNP got 56/59 seats in Scotland. It really makes no sense. Scotland’s vote means nothing, in most elections it only matters what England votes for and that is forced on the whole of the UK.


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