Agnostics and Atheists

1- literally no doubt that there’s a god

2- almost definitely a god, but there’s room for doubt

3- god probably exists

4- it’s truly 50/50 whether god exists or not

5- god probably doesn’t exist

6- almost definitely no god, but there’s room for doubt

7- no god and literally no room for doubt

As a rational person, you shouldn’t ever be in category 1 or 7. Indeed, it’s not even 100% that the sun will rise tomorrow. Still, almost definitely it will, to the extent that I’m not agnostic about the question. The problem is that a lot of religious people claim to be in category 1. Pretty much everyone who is an atheist is in fact in category 6. However, because of the existence of all those category 1 religious people, people try to look for symmetry and say that atheism is only category 7. Most ‘agnostics’ I’ve met are also in category 6 with the atheists, but are at pains to differentiate themselves from the strawman category 7 atheists.

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