Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn won on a wave of disgust with Labour Party leadership that has essentially economically disastrous Tory austerity agenda. And the left-wing dominated Labour Party lost to the Tories exactly once, in 1983, in the middle of a popular Tory-lead war and at a period when the right-wing of Labour had split off and were running as spoilers, splitting the Labour vote and handing many seats to the Tories. By the next election Labour had made a right turn, did not have these mitigating circumstances, and proceeded to lose by more than they did in 1983. After a few more defeats for the  right-wing dominated Labour Party, Blair finally won in 1997 and ‘proved’ that the path to victory is turning to the right. The British people never rejected the ideas Corbyn stands for, the British political establishment did. And now the moment these ideas are put back in the table, the people are still clamoring for them. Corbyn is not only the most popular choice within the Labour Party, he was the candidate for leadership who is most popular outside of the Labour Party. To win the next election Labour doesn’t need to get Tory voters to switch over, it needs to get the votes of former Labour voters who voted for the SNP, the Greens, UKIP, or just didn’t vote at all in the last election. Corbyn has a far better shot at these voters than any of the bland corporatist candidate he was running against.

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