You know, now that I think about it, the establishment types are right. My being idealistic is an important part of why I support Bernie Sanders. I really like this country. I really believe in America, and the American system. Democracy is awesome. But then I have to confront the reality that bad things are happening in this country. The richer are getting richer, and everybody else is falling behind. So given that I think the system works, what does a response to that problem look like? Well, it looks something like Bernie Sanders. It looks like a lot of people who have  been locked out of power realizing that if they go vote they still do have some power derived from simple numbers. That would be such a great thing to learn about our country. That despite the endless propaganda and denial that there is any alternative to declining expectations, people were smart enough to look around and say “No, this isn’t what I ordered actually. And we’re in charge around here if you recall.” Americans are great. I think we’re the kind of people who could do that sort of thing.

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