Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hillary Clinton

It seems like everyone acknowledges that Hillary is a completely unprincipled politician who will say or do anything to gain power. The difference is whether they think that matters. The pro-Hillary line among progressives seems to be that since it’s politically advantageous for her to act like a progressive, we can count on her to keep doing so, and that’s all that matters. The anti-Hillary case is that it actually does sort of matter what a politician believes, since they’re really not that accountable once in office, and thus it’s nice to have people who genuinely believe in what they advocate.
What do you think? Is it too much to expect for a politician to have ideals?

Food Stamps

Food Stamps are fucking crazy. We should just give people cash. People often trade their food stamps for cash anyway, just at a bad exchange rate. Currently it’s like we are spending $110 to give someone either $100 worth of food or $50 worth of cash. We could spend $110 to just give people $109 worth of cash. How can anyone think that wouldn’t be better? The concept is basically that you can’t trust people to spend money on food. That is a new level of condescension to the poor.