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Mainstream Worldviews

Everyone has a worldview. It’s the framework through which you understand the world, and into which you assimilate new knowledge. One worldview can be more accurate than another (modern scientific rationality versus all previous worldviews for example), but it’s also common for two worldviews to each get different things right and wrong (classical Mayans knowing more about astronomy but less about metallurgy than Europeans for example). If everyone you hang around with has a basically similar worldview to yours, it doesn’t really even seem like a worldview at all; it’s just the way the world works.

That’s what has happened to the mainstream media and to the people who get their news exclusively from it. The mainstream media (Network news, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) all reflect the same basic liberal corporate centrist worldview (left neoliberalism). The last few decades have seen the rise of another popular media worldview: the conservative corporate hard-right worldview (right neoliberalism) pushed by Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch media empire. And more recently we have seen the rise of the internet creating opportunities for a lot more media worldviews, primarily the too-racist-for-Fox alt-right worldview and the whole gamut of possibilities to the left of the mainstream that had previously been shut out of the conversation.

To people who still exist purely within the mainstream media worldview this looks like everybody who is exiting that worldview is just going crazy. They’re starting to have beliefs that the mainstream media worldview says are incorrect. It leads them to talk about a “post-truth” world and fret about how we can’t agree on facts anymore. What they’re missing is that there was never an agreement on the facts, just a situation where the media was united around one interpretation. Meanwhile the people exiting that worldview to the new alternatives feel like they’re waking up to the mainstream media’s lies and have now found the truth. To be fair to the exiters, the mainstream media worldview is very flawed. To be fair to the mainstream media, most of the alternative worldviews people are leaving for are at least as flawed, often way more.

We’re going to have to get used to a world where people choose media sources based on agreement with their worldview. Other sources feel like they’re lying to you by reporting based on assumptions you don’t share. People who agree with the mainstream media worldview are bummed that everyone’s no longer forced to hear reporting from their perspective, but the rest of us will be able to hear reporting from a perspective we share.  And that’s not so bad.


Love and Tribalism

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

I might have a weird definition of love though: love means caring intrinsically about something, rather than caring about it to support some other goal.

So when you say “I love you” you are saying “I care about you and want good things to happen to you regardless of whether it gives me any benefit.”

“If you love someone set them free”. If you just like someone in that you enjoy their company you’ll want to keep them around even if that’s not what’s best for them. If you love them you’ll let them go do what’s best for them even if that’s bad for you.

So what do we love? The most basic love is self-love: who do most people care about the most and most want good things to happen to? Themselves, duh. Beyond that there’s a lot of talk about the love people feel for their spouses, their children, close friends, other relatives, etc. And beyond that you can also love things like your school, your country, or even all humanity in that you care about what happens to people in those categories beyond the effect it will have on yourself and whoever else you love.

Loving only or primarily yourself is called selfishness. Selfish people only care about themselves, not their spouses or families or countries or whatever.

I really don’t encounter that many selfish people. Most people do have some additional love to give. Even bad men love their mamas. What do you call someone who really loves themself and their immediate family, but nobody else? Not exactly selfish, but seems pretty similar if you’re not in the in-group. On the other hand if you are part of that in-group someone with that attitude seems pretty great: they’re prioritizing benefiting you over almost anything else in the world.

This is what racism, nationalism, and such are about: selfishness on behalf of your race or nation or religion or whatever. Who do you love, and who don’t you love? Who are you willing to sacrifice, and on whose behalf? We will do a lot for those we love, and hurt those we don’t not so much because we don’t like them but because they don’t even enter into our calculations.