JC: Son of god

I never realized what a blatant ripoff of the Julius Caesar story the Jesus Christ story is. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: JC is the son of a god. He consistently forgives those who have done him harm, wowing everyone with extravagant displays of mercy and forgiveness. He is betrayed by a friend and brutally murdered. His body is displayed on a cross with stab wounds for all to see. But then when all seems lost he returns from the dead and makes all well. Going forward he is honored as both the son of a god and a god himself. Of course Caesar didn’t literally rise from the dead; he was replaced by his grand-nephew Octavian who changed his name to Julius Caesar and took over Caesar’s role in Roman society, and proceeded to found Caesar-worshipping cults. Seems perfectly plausible that one of those took a weird turn when transposed into the Judean context and mutated into Christianity.

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