Monthly Archives: October 2017

Interest Groups

I think all groups pursue their own interests. Ethnic groups, economic classes, whatever, any identifiable group will produce at least some effort towards advocating for the interests of that group, whatever they are. The problem with capitalism isn’t so much that capitalist are any morally worse than any other group, it’s just that they have so much power as a group that when they start pursuing their interests they end up completely dominating everyone else and throwing the whole system out of whack. This is what makes worker cooperatives so attractive. You remove capitalists as a group and give the social power they used to have to the workers – a much larger group, with interests that are much more similar to the general interest.


DSA Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies (or just alternate currencies generally) are actually a pretty neat idea for getting around resource limitations.

Imagine if the DSA created a new currency: DSA Bucks (DBs). These can be used to pay your group dues, get into group events with cover charges, or buy DSA merchandise at a rate of $1 per DB. You can get them by buying them at that price from the DSA, or by doing stuff for the DSA or selling stuff to the DSA in exchange for payment in DBs. There could then be the standard cryptocurrency online marketplaces allowing people to sell their DBs for dollars, presumably at a steep discount since obviously a $1 DSA coupon is not worth anywhere near a $1. Still, there would be some demand since everyone in DSA is paying dues, and there’s a lot of money to be saved by buying DBs at a discount and paying dues in those rather than donating the dollars directly. If there’s a decent sized marketplace, which there presumably could be if this was rolled out at DSA chapters nationwide, the currency starts to gain real value and the DSA essentially becomes a currency issuer.