I started this blog to post some journal entries I’d made during an acid trip. Now I’m semi-regularly posting that sort of stuff, as well as whatever else I come up with that I think would interest people.

I’ve always been sort of down to try acid, it was just never put in front of me. It’s sort of like back when I was a huge nerd in high school and was generally down to drink and smoke pot, and my main obstacle was opportunity.

At some point I was in need of a weed dealer and turned to the Dark Net. At that point I realized that LSD was incredibly easy to get, and incredibly affordable. So I bought a nice batch and have been tripping ever since.

My first few trips were with friends. They were great experiences. My main personal experience was that I simply could not shut up. Unless I was listening intently to someone else (also common) I would be steadily babbling away the entire time. Eventually I tried a solo trip, and found it to be a very different experience. Still, I felt like I had a lot to say, so I started writing down my random thoughts while tripping – especially since I quite enjoyed reading them once I was sober, and they were difficult to remember otherwise.

A bit later still, I discovered the psychedelic community on reddit, and started posting some of what I’d written. People seemed to like it, and I got into a fit of acid driven enthusiasm, so I created this blog to store at all. Now whenever I get the graphomaniac urge while tripping, I will post the results here, in the hope that others will enjoy them. Please, please, comment on this site or on the links I post to reddit, I thrive on positive feedback.

I’d recommend starting at my first post: A Trip to the Zoo

And if you’re in the DC area, post or PM me or some such, there’s a slowly percolating movement to get a little psychedelic meetup going.

PS Follow the blog on twitter for new post alerts: https://twitter.com/aciddcly

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